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Broadband Survey

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This report published in March 2013 is based on an analysis of over 10,000 responses to The Big Broadband Survey carried out by thinkbroadband between 22/06/2012 and 20/10/2012.

As the survey has been carried out online and promoted by thinkbroadband, there will be a slight bias towards more IT-literate users as confirmed by 41% of respondents classifying themselves as 'confident' with IT and 49% as 'power users' or higher. The statistics overall may also therefore indicate future trends as these users are more likely to be early adopters of technology. It is worth noting that 69% of respondents did not work in an IT function nor in the IT industry.

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The survey sections included:

We will be repeating the survey in 2013 and would welcome suggestions from anyone with ideas on questions that we should ask. It is our intention to re-run key questions from the 2012 survey to plot trends across time however we are also looking at new areas.

Any suggestions may be sent to

Key findings

Respondent Profile

Business Use

Bundling & Pricing

Broadband Providers

Switching Providers

Broadband Use

Importance of Internet to users

Parental Controls

Other Findings