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Broadband Availability Checker

To find out about levels of fibre broadband coverage across the UK and what broadband options are available to you then use our broadband information resource.

The information resource will also list coverage data and speeds for your local authority and Parliamentary Constituency.

Broadband Information Resource - Learn about how good or bad your area is doing with respect to the Governments, 90% and 95% superfast broadband coverage targets.

To check broadband availability from BT, please follow the link below and enter your Telephone number. This will provide details of broadband services that are available and a speed estimate for your broadband line. This link will open as a popup.

BT Wholesale Availability Checker

Additional checkers are available from the various providers, therefore if trying to order a Sky, TalkTalk or Vodafone service (or other unbundled service) it is worth double checking them too

BT Openreach Superfast Broadband website.

The Openreach fibre availability checker will inform you whether a FTTC or FTTP service is available from Openreach and therefore the many communication providers that use the Openreach network. For areas where the service is not live some indication whether a better service is planned for the area and how close to being available is the improved service.

Map of UK Broadband Speeds - Want to find out where the fast parts of your town are, use our map to see recent speed test results. The map also includes estimates of speeds that live FTTC will deliver to postcodes.

Map for FTTH and superfast coverage - Our checker map allows you to view the constituency level data and also overlay other datasets, such as the availability of FTTH from a number of operators. Additionally layers highlighting where slow services are expected are available, highlighting postcodes under 2 Mbps (USC), and those under 10 Mbps (USO).