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Our Guides to Broadband

Beginners' Guide to Broadband New to Broadband? This guide explains the basics of what broadband is, why it's so great and how to select an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Moving Home? Moving home? Before you order a phone line, broadband or TV, read this guide on saving over £250!
Broadband Speed Guide Having problems with slow broadband speeds? This guide walks you through what might be causing your problems and how you an diagnose/fix them.
Resolving a Problem Resolving a Problem This guide explains the steps you may wish to go through in an attempt to resolve a problem you have with your broadband service provider. It explains the processes both internally as well as how to use an Alternative Dispute Resolution service and finally taking your ISP to Small Claims Court.
Fibre Broadband Guide (FTTC / FTTH / FTTP) Information on fibre broadband in the UK including fibre broadband providers, types of fibre broadband (FTTC, FTTH, FTTP) and fibre roll out.
IPv6 Guide Ever wondered what all the hype is over IPv6? This handy guide will tell you all about it, including what IPv6 is, why you might want it, and how you can get it.
Satellite Broadband Guide Information on satellite broadband in the UK which can be a broadband solution for rural areas.
Broadband Switching Guide (migration) Switching your broadband provider can be fraut with delays and in some cases a complete disconnection from the Internet. Following our migration guide will tell you the best way to switch between different providers.
Home Networking Guide Interested in connecting your different devices together? Check our home networking guide to find out how to securely get things connected together and on to the Internet.
How Broadband Works This guide explains the basics of how broadband works from your home all the way to the web sites you are visiting.
Protecting Children Online Worried about your children? This guide gives you tips and explains how to protect your children online.
How To Identify Your Phone Socket Use our phone socket identification tool to see if your BT Master socket is compatible with an I-Plate.
How To Identify Broadband Interference Sources Broadband Interference is a common problem for broadband users and can affect your service. Find out how to find and remove sources of broadband interference.

Mobile Broadband Guides

Beginner's Guide to Mobile Broadband What is mobile broadband, and why would I want it? Find out here.
How to get Mobile Broadband Find out how to sign up for mobile broadband.
Mobile Broadband for Techies A more detailed looked at mobile broadband and the technologies used and how it has evolved.
Top 10 Broadband Tips: Mobile Broadband Our top tips about choosing and using your mobile broadband connection.
Mobile Broadband Coverage What is coverage like, and what kind of speeds can I expect?
Mobile Broadband Abroad Can you use mobile broadband abroad, and how much will it cost? Find out here.
Mobile Broadband Dictionary What is an HSDPA dongle with unlimited gigs? Discover what that confusing mobile broadband lingo means here.

Our Video Guides to Broadband

How To Fit an I-Plate A BT I-Plate can improve the speed of your broadband connection and make it more reliable. This video will show you how to fit one.
Broadband Interference and Christmas Tree Lights Christmas tree lights can cause havoc to a broadband connection. Learn how to find out if yours or other electrical devices may be affecting yours.