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Speed Test

Our speed test tool allows you to test the speed of your connection and determine how well it is working.

Mobile Speed Test for Android

Our Android speed test application allows you to test the speed of your mobile or wifi connection straight from your mobile phone.

Broadband Usage Meter - tbbMeter

Monitor your network connections and record statistics on your usage with our handy bandwidth meter.

Broadband Quality / Ping Monitor

Our continuous quality monitoring allows you to monitor the latency of your broadband service. We take a measurement once a second, every second, and provide graphs you can share with your service provider

Download Test Files

Test files of varying sizes to help users diagnose problems with their broadband connection.

IPv6 Readiness Test

Test whether your connection supports IPv6 and find out whether you will be able to access dual-stacked servers in the future.

IPv6 Speed Test

Test the speed of your IPv6 connection with our IPv6 broadband speedtest.


Our traceroute tool shows how traffic from our sites gets to you.

Open DNS Resolver Check

This tool helps to identify if you are running an open DNS resolver on your computer or broadband router which could be a security vulnerability.

What is my IP?

This page will allow you to identify what IP address you are using to connect to our servers. It may be useful in diagnosing problems.